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Are you aware of the potential value of property inspections? Sydney homes can have a range of problems, particularly older homes. If you're planning on buying a home in Sydney, investing in a property inspection is wise. Pre-purchase inspections help prospective buyers establish any existing or potential problems with the property, and can help buyers make a more informed decision about their purchase.

Property inspections vary somewhat depending on the property and on the expertise of the inspector, but a standard inspection may take several hours. The inspector will examine various areas of the house, and will note any areas where replacements, repairs or servicing might be required; or where there appears to be damage, unapproved structures, or other concerns. A detailed written report will be provided to the prospective buyer after the inspection.

The Exterior

A property inspector should undertake a thorough examination of the exterior of the house. This includes checking the exterior walls, roof, garage areas and foundations, if visible, for any signs of damage, cracking, leaks or termite infestation. They may also make an assessment about whether the backyard has adequate drainage and not if there are structures on the property that appear unlikely to have council approval.

The Interior

The interior component of a property inspection will involve a thorough examination of the home's plumbing system, including taps and pipes, for leaks or ageing, and the bathroom and laundry areas will also be assessed for mould and mildew problems, as well as whether the ventilation is adequate. The home's wiring may also be examined (but not tested) and heating or air conditioning systems may be assessed. A fire safety assessment may also be undertaken. Because it is unlikely that the inspector will be a qualified electrician or plumber, if there appear to be problems with plumbing or wiring, the report is likely to mention this but recommend that you have a qualified and licensed tradesperson inspect the system.

Although a property inspection cannot guarantee that every problem will be identified, they are a valuable way of highlighting any issues that may need attention, or that may cause the buyer to reconsider their purchase due to the expense of rectifying the problem.

Who can benefit from property inspections? Sydney home buyers are the most obvious group however, because inspections are relatively inexpensive, home owners can also use an inspection as a way of clearly identifying maintenance issues that need attention on an older home, prior to arranging repairs.


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